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[Business description]

・ Over-the-counter sales of foods such as supplementary foods ・ Over-the-counter sales of gear and afterwear that can be used for mountain climbing, running, and cycling ・ Online sales of the above products ・ Accommodation services ・ Facility use services such as work and meetings ・ Rental cycle ・ Other surroundings Providing information ・ Forest operations such as tree felling ・ Other various operations

 [About the property]

  We reused the abandoned temple that was supposed to be demolished and prepared it as a base for everyone.

This building is referred to as the "castle Yunshan Application Nyutera", there was in the temple of the Jodo Shinshu Otani sect.

In 1924 (Taisho 13), it was established as a "Kamiui sermon hall" near the current barley facility (the largest facility in the town). It has a history of almost 100 years.

After that, it became difficult to maintain and moved to 14 Sattsurumachi, the current location, in 1934 (Showa 9). It will be built as a "Sattsuru sermon hall".

It has also played a role as a terakoya since the "Kamii Preaching Ground" era, and it seems that it also functioned as a place for children's education.

In 1955 (Showa 30), it was approved as a temple name as "Shirounzan Gannyuji" and registered as a religious corporation. According to the records of Kiyosato town history, there were 160 Dan Nobuya.

It was rebuilt in 1980 (Showa 55) and continues to the present day.

At that time, when the monthly salary was 130,000 yen, tens of millions of yen were required, and it was said that there were pros and cons such as angry words flew among the students.

However, as a new face was created in this area, the townspeople other than the students also donated, and the loan was redeemed in about two years after raising funds from financial institutions.

Everyone who supported me is amazing.

In 2021 (Reiwa 3), this building, which had already been abandoned, was planned to be demolished, but it was reused by Takeshi Shimada, who was planning a business here that could be a base for sightseeing and activities in Higashi Hokkaido. This time, with the consent of Mr. Monk and Mr. Nishinenji of Shari Town, which was a management corporation.

Although it is a handmade repair, we hope that you will enjoy this property that retains the atmosphere of the Showa era.

 Located in the middle of the JR Kusami Line, Memanbetsu Airport, and Nakashibetsu Airport, as well as scenic spots such as Shiretoko National Park, Akan Mashu National Park, and Amirun National Park, including local Shari-dake, Kaminokoike, and Sakura Waterfall. Please use it as a base in this area where you can enjoy various activities in addition to running.

Sattsuru Shokai Representative Store Owner Takeshi Shimada


Representative store owner Takeshi Shimada

What did you think of? A man from Oshamambe, Hokkaido, who planned to start a business during the heyday of the coronavirus.

Shiretoko, my wife's hometown, moved from her parents' home in Sapporo to Kiyosato, a town next to Shari.

An unnamed ordinary person who made a living as a lumberjack and spent his days enjoying trail running, road bikes, and cross-country skiing. Established a shop to let many people enjoy the fun of this place, not just playing in the mountains.

アウトドア・宿 マンディル

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